Monday, 9 September 2013

mood indigo

From the series Destinations (imagined) by Boston, Massachussetts photographer Alicia Savage.
"They started walking, letting the first pavement they came across guide their steps.
A little pink cloud came down from the air and drew up close beside them.

       'I'm going your way,' it winked.
       'Let's step on then,' said Colin.
And the cloud wrapped itself round them. Inside the cloud it was warm, and it smelt of candy-floss and cinnamon. 
       'Nobody can see us any more!...' said Colin. 'But we can still see everything that is going on!...'
       'I think it is slightly transparent,' said Chloe. 'Better be careful!' 

From Froth On The Daydream (L'Ecume des Jours) by Boris Vian translated by Stanley Chapman, 1967.

It's been a long 18 months since the first photographs from the shoot of Mood Indigo appeared. Michel Gondry's big-screen version of Boris Vian's Froth On The Daydream novel still has no UK release date, and reviews from premieres and releases elsewhere in the world are mixed. Gondry's way with a dreamlike narrative seems to be as much in play as it was in Eternal Sunshine, and there are nods to Terry Gilliam-like touches, which is definitely a good thing, but there's also a sense that the darker edges of Vian's original story have been quietly smoothed out, leaving a tragic romance floating in a fluffy cloud of surrealist quirks. We'll see, eventually, but at least the film tie-in reissue of the novel, due any time between now and January from Serpent's Tail, will be the hard-to-find translation by Stanley Chapman from 1967. Bittersweet, like the story, but if it gets the book a wider worldwide audience, that's something in itself. 

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