Tuesday, 25 June 2013

parisian gothic: pole ka's street art

All pictures by Pole Ka from her Autopsie Printannière series, 2013
A pulsating illustrated heart with it's internal workings exposed sits on the entrance to the website of French artist Pole Ka. Most of the work within, which has featured in exhibitions, fanzines, pamphlets, on gig posters and postcards as well as on city streets, is just as visceral in every sense, exposing organs and intense ideas. Death, gender and birth are the big themes, with a heavy dose of surrealness, as bodies are dissected and bisected with vegetables, babies turn mothers into kraken, tarot cards are redesigned with schlock horror blood and guts and Henry the Eighth's wives are united by multiple ghostly foetuses and executed heads. But, even at their most unsettling, Pole Ka's style is still delicately beautiful. There's something else here other than the straightforward gothically morbid, and her latest works (pictured) suggest that's worth keeping an eye on.

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