Tuesday, 25 June 2013

overhill - "someone is all alone someplace they shouldn't be"

Horror films..."In them the night is always falling. Someone is all alone someplace they shouldn't be. If there's a house, it must be the only one for miles around. If there's a road, it must be deserted. The trees are bare, or if they have leaves, they rustle darkly. The sky still has a little gray light. It is the kind of light in which even one's own hands appear unfamiliar, a stranger's hands." 
Quoted from Terra Incognita in Dime-Store Alchemy: The Art Of Joseph Cornell by Charles Simic (NYRB Classics)

Rebecca is a Londoner who just wants a bit of peace and quiet in Cornwall to finish her novel, but the locals have other ideas – British independent horror is looking up, going by the teaser trailer for Overhill alone. The world premiere is this Thursday, so there's not long to wait to see this classically-inspired chiller. Might have to watch The League Of Gentlemen again first though: "This is a local town for local people".

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