Thursday, 27 December 2012

nemo - the clairvoyant astrologer: you must believe him, he looks like Rasputin

Invented by Charles Leicht, created by Creston Industries, 1969
 "This is not a game, but you can play it. It is not a toy, but you can use it. It's based on scientific astrological forces - The Sun. The Moon. The Star. The Planets. And it can affect your life. There are times you can succeed at anything you do. And there are times you can't succeed at anything you do. These times are said to be influenced by your Zodiac "sign". And in some mysterious cosmic way, NEMO can tell you when these times are. Ask a specific question, and HE will always give you the specific answer. It's almost too revealing and too truthful to play."

If you had all the postwar astrology/prediction-based games, would that mean you could have a battle of the clairvoyants and a face-off between the Amazing Magic Robot and the the Magic Eightball? That's what we need to ask Nemo.

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