Friday, 21 December 2012

it's (not) the end of the world and (really) we feel fine

Sean Bonniwell's Music Machine: Dark White
Brooding atmospheric drama for the dark clouds swirling in, then Sean Bonniwell's voice fractures like a hall of mirrors and there's no way back.

The Velvet Underground: European Son
We were just grooving along and then the toilet flushed, the mirror smashed and it all just went crazy. 

Opal: Magick Power
Let's stop the apocalypse with some occult intoning and paisley underground droning.

Pink Floyd: Lucifer Sam
Listen, if we really do have to dance with the devil and Behemoth the cat tonight, let's get Jennifer Gentle the witch along to the party. 

The Outsiders: CQ
"Could I speak to your leader, please?" Maybe some reverby late 60s Dutch psychonauts and the Martians can save us? 

The Monks: I Hate You
Now's the time to tell everyone how you really feel about them. Also useful if you can't decide on a song by the Fall. 

Love: The Red Telephone
"Sitting on a hillside, watching all the people die ... " C'mon everybody, it's sing-along time.

Tall Dwarfs: Nothing's Going To Happen
But really, nothing's going to happen, so just play what you like.

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