Wednesday, 10 October 2012

philippe halsman - visage superposé 1967

via Regard Intemporel
Philippe Halsman was born in Latvia in 1906, imprisoned for patricide in 1928 after a hiking trip where his father died in an accident that was said to look suspicious, and told to leave the country, never to return, when he was released four years later. Moving to France he made his name working as a photographer for Vogue, then fled to America after the Nazi invasion, where he continued working for Vogue, becoming a photographer of celebrities such as Pablo Picasso and Einstein. Halsman also collaborated with Salvador Dalí (including the famous photograph of those cats flying through the air), and published a book of photographs of people jumping, attaching the wry philosophy of "jumpology". His story adds several layers to this photo, but the spectrality of it is mesmerising enough.

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