Tuesday, 30 October 2012

just another halloween playlist

There's a lot of playlists for Halloween. Even one from Ghost Box. So here's another one,  60s garage and psych.

First up, The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown: Fire. When I was 17 a bunch of us went back to a friend's after a night out and someone put this track on. Then they switched on the TV, and there was a fire happening, on screen. Spooky.

Troyka: Burning Of The Witch - Downhome late 60s Canadian rock, with oddly unnatural baritone gloominess.

Open Mind: Magic Potion - A modern freakbeat dancefloor smash. 

The Attack: Magic In The Air - Unreleased 45 by the fantastically-bouffanted Londoners best known for Created By Clive. 

Christine Pilzer: Dracula - Swinging French mademoiselle racks up the enticing suspense. Everybody now, scream "Yeye!". 

Lollipop Shoppe: You Must Be A Witch - Guaranteed hard garage punk nuggetty goodness from 1968. Yeh, he don't need her loving (insert squawling guitar break here). 

Janie Jones: Witch In White - Saucy madame, literally, who first made old folk go "I say!" when she appeared topless at the London premiere of London In The Raw in 1964. 

Cindy Und Bert: Der Hund Von Baskerville - Black Sabbath's Paranoid, except in German, and by a lovely late 60s duo. 

The Lords: Death Bells At Dawn - Dark guitars (and squealing keyboard trills) ring out across the New Jersey night in 1966. 

Loose Enz: Black Door - Take the subway to the end of your mind (and don some Jim Morrison trousers) for this moody Pennsylvania 1968 tale of occult goings-on. 


  1. Good stuff! I especially liked the terrifying dog in Der Hund von Baskerville video!