Friday, 12 October 2012

echoes : sylvie germain - prague noir: the weeping woman on the streets of prague

Photo via Elspeth Owen's Weeping Woman artwork
"That day, in the opalescent mist, all the passers-by looked like ghosts who had mislaid their fleshly bodies."

"... she was an unfinished being ... A being endlessly on the verge of entering life, and endlessly on the verge of leaving it."

"The weeping woman limps endlessly between two worlds: the visible and the invisible, the present and the past, the living and the present."

Excerpts from Sylvie Germain's Prague Noir: The Weeping Woman On The Streets Of Prague, a prose-poetry evocation of a mythical giantess who protects the city, gathering the tears of the living and the dead and bringing memories to life before tucking them back into the folds of her skirts.

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