Tuesday, 9 October 2012

echoes : miguel angel asturias - the mirror of lida sal

Cover art for The Mirror Of Lida Sal: The Circus by Maximino Javier, 1983
“He took refuge behind the mask. He didn’t realize what was happening. He believed that it was he himself, still unaccustomed to the underground world, who bumped into the things used for his work. And to quell the assault, he paused quietly, and stood still, stubbornly glancing from side to side, as if asking all those inanimate beings the whereabouts of his smoking tube. It was nowhere to be found. As if to confirm this, he raised a fistful of tobacco to his mouth and chewed it. But there was something strange. The serpent and the jaguar began to move from his wooden drum, the drum with which he greeted the morning star, the light of precious lights. And if the tablets, rugs, benches, jars, baskets, mallets, and chisels had been quieted, now the giants of stone began to raise and lower their eyelids. Agitated by the tempest, they began to flex their muscles. Each arm became a river. Advancing against him. He lifted the quenched stars of his hands to defend his face from the punches of one of these monsters ... A second group of warriors, also made by him, sculpted in stone by his hands, spread out with the points of their cane spears to the slats of the bed on which he had set his marvelous mask. There was no doubt. It must save him. He put it on. He fled.”

From Legend Of The Crystal Mask, one of the stories in The Mirror Of Lida Sal: Tales Based On Mayan Myths And Guatemalan Legends, 1967, by Guatemalan Nobel Prize-winner Miguel Angel Asturias. "The Indians of Guatemala," he said, "are like fragments of the imagination."

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