Wednesday, 17 October 2012

carrie - then and now

In 1976, Carrie is "the girl no one likes", the freak who lives with her "crazy mother" and wreaks havoc on the prom with her telekenesis when the bullying goes too far. 

In 2013, Carrie is not "a monster, she was just a girl", her mother is "a fanatic" and mention of conspiracy comes before the supernatural. 

Except that Kimberly Peirce's new film is not a remake of Brian De Palma's sensationalist horror. Instead, it skips back to Stephen King's original apocalyptic 1974 book, the story of which ended with Carrie's rampage killing more than 400 townsfolk, telekenesis being taken seriously by the masses and a nationwide crackdown on bullying. So 70s, so, possibly, 2012.

The pig's blood is still in full-effect though, don't worry.

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