Friday, 7 September 2012

randomness : september - some things old, some things new

The autumn winds blew in a couple of days ahead of the calendar, and then, right on cue on September 1st, like some Edwardian timekeeper had held up a large clock to nature, suddenly there were brown leaves on the ground and green ones turning yellow in the trees. Do I really need to mention the 1612 Underture, the Pendle Witches tribute by actress Maxine Peake and the Eccentronic Research Council, or likewise the "psycho surreal thriller" (with hunks of Dario Argento and David Lynch thrown in) Berberian Sound Studio? Well, there you go, I have anyway. Chris Hatherill explores the missing link in the Ridgeway walk between Avebury and Stonehenge in a piece about the Great Stones Way. I know animated GIFs are a pet hate just now, but then there's the Living Movie Stills tumblr, which I'd forgotten about. Maybe I wish I had. It's still creepy. Reading Things Magazine on listening to The Ear Of Dionysus makes me want to save that for the imagination too (because it's evocative, not because it's creepy).

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