Friday, 21 September 2012

magical nature : kathleen lolley

Wild Flowers by Kathleen Lolley
Art and commentary from the wonder-conjuring site of American artist Kathleen Lolley:

"When I painted this body of work I was experiencing nostalgia for my mother's garden. When I was a child I envisioned the secret life of every creature around me, real and imaginary. I suspected they were up to something special when humans weren't around.

Everything seemed magical and mysterious. Even inanimate objects had life. I watched the bees buzz and the birds sing. I even made friends with a dead animal. I had no idea what death was, I just thought that the creature had taken off its coat. I was not afraid of its bones. I whispered all my secrets into its skull. It kept the secrets safe and sent them into the earth. Which everyone knows, secrets help the garden grow."

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