Tuesday, 7 February 2012

occult 60s coverage - "lee marvin is afraid"

In the wake of the Manson murders, the Rolling Stones at Altamont and the apparent rampant infection of mainstream culture and morals by occult forces, there was a spree of journalistic coverage, particularly in the US, of which the Esquire issue above from March 1970 and Time magazine's Occult Revival issue of June, 1972 are only the best-known.

As Gary Lachman says in The Dedalus Book Of The 60s: Turn Off Your Mind – "Although Esquire couldn't find anyone as satanic as Manson, they did unearth some oddities. Like Princess Leda Amun Ra, whose specialty was to have sex with swans stolen from public parks, the climax of her LSD-inspired satanic rituals. No matter. For years people had been expecting some catastrophe west of the San Andreas Fault."

All of which, of course, still looked pretty tame beneath the top shelf of lurid adult magazines. Demons and porn went hand-in-hand of course, and even among the first wave of postwar beatnik occult fascination in the 50s there were titles like Satan. So when it came to the satanic 60s, the porn mag industry simply upped their game to cover every angle, from wicked witches to the erotic power of the tarot (Sextrology magazine alone gets an honourable mention, just for the title) ...

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