Monday, 16 January 2012

theatre: magic, trickery and fake seances - the infamous brothers davenport

A fittingly diabolic way to start a year where we don't seem to know what is real or not, or when the rug might be pulled out from underneath us. The Infamous Brothers Davenport is a mischevious production by Vox Motus in collaboration with the Lyceum that invites the audience to come dressed in Victorian costume and step back in time to 1862 to enjoy an on stage spectacular of apparently genuine levitations, telekenesis and seances, while at the same time discover the off-stage conflicts of the brothers whose theatrical showmanship is about to unravel. It's based on the true story of Willie and Ira Davenport, a pair of brothers from New York whose spiritualist wonders started in 1854, but were exposed as scandalously fake in 1865, and be warned, in this drama where everything is out of the ordinary, there will be audience participation beyond the dressing-up.

19 Jan-11 Feb, Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh

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