Tuesday, 17 January 2012

supernaturally inclined arty eye candy (january)

An abandoned nuclear zone town and surveillance footage nestle alongside each other in two new works by Jane & Louise Wilson at Dundee Contemporary Arts (Sat, 21 Jan to 25 Mar). Atomgrad (Nature Abhors A Vacuum) captures the disintegration of Pripyat, which sits within the exclusion zone around the site of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear diasaster, in large-scale photographs. Face Scripting - What Did The Building See? mixes CCTV footage and film by the artists inspired by the assassination of a Hamas operative in a Dubai hotel, and was made with Shumon Basar and Eyal Weiznan. 

While we're at it, there's plenty of spectral art around to see, vaguely or more directly haunted by otherworldly element. For now, also in Scotland, the last few days of Séance On (to Sat, 21 Jan) at the Centre For Contemporary Arts in Glasgow, with work by Emma McKay and Lila de Magalhaes about communicating with dead people, crossing over into altered realities and the idea of the mask as identity. And at London's Southbank Centre, there's the singularly wonderful made-to-order bespoke coffins (cars, kites, skips) of Paa Joe in Ghana and Crazy Coffins in Nottingham in Boxed that prove that death needn't be taken too seriously, or conventionally.

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