Tuesday, 10 January 2012

charles addams centenary google doodle

I'd like it if it was more macabre, but Google's best doodle of the year so far is a fine tribute to the cartoonist born 100 years ago on 7 January. If you've never seen the cartoons, TV show, films or associated Charles Addams Estate stationery merchandise, then there's plenty of dusty corners of the web out there paying homage to his life and work. And then there's the musical. (Lurch playing the harpsichord is enough for me on that score). 

You may, of course, prefer Edward Gorey, and likewise his estate's associated range of merchandise. And even want to visit Gorey's Cape Cod home when it reopens in the spring, if only to see his illustrated envelopes. Both cartoonists are more than welcome to flood my heart and veins with dark humour any time. And the same goes for Mervyn Peake. And some other illustrators, whose names dwell in the twilight zone areas of my memory.

Hello, by the way, and welcome to 2012, a new year, with a whole apocalyptic, new agey, ticking clock kind of feel. And a steady stream of postings. Unless the ancient astronauts return early and kidnap me of course.

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