Wednesday, 21 September 2011

strange things to do and make

Yes, teach your child to try out telepathy, dowsing and moon worship, why don't you? After all, it's the 70s, that stuff's part of the school curriculum, right?


  1. oh how i love this. so glad you're posting regularly again--such a treat. thanks for the blog--one of my favorites!

  2. i sometimes find it hard to convey how *strange* (witchy & bewitching)it felt to grow up in the 70's, but this is a perfect illustration. we never really recovered from watching 'Lizzie Dripping', right? ;). i'm coveting this book desperately now. more scans would be appreciated! always enjoy your posts. best, dx

  3. I had this as a kid, along with a companion book - but I can't remember what it was called. Any ideas? I remember trying to preserve a dead fly using pyramid power. It, erm, wasn't successful...