Thursday, 29 September 2011

fear factor on film

Troll Hunter aside, it's been a while since the cinema popped up any serious scare contenders, and the oncoming nights drawing in season is cranking up the horror itch. But there are a few that maybe, might be, well, ok. Or it'll have to be a return to the Tales Of Unexpected boxset...

We'll have to wait until 11.11.11 for the The Awakening, and crossed fingers it'll be worth it, as the trailer's a proper tantalising teaser. A skeptic ghost hunter (Rebecca Hall) in 1921 England is forced to confront her past as well as her beliefs when a history master (Dominic West) asks her to investigate ghostly goings on at a boys boarding school.

The Monk, Dominik Moll's creepy thriller, came out in France in June but gets an English language premiere at the London Film Festival in October. Vincent Cassel stars as the revered, righteous monk tempted to carnal desires and the dark side, with magic, the Inquisition and Satan all playing their part in his downfall. It might sound vaguely Vincent Price-like, but this is definitely intense, moody, European arthouse fare.

It's not so much a case of Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark (opening 7 Oct) as do revel in all the horror cliches in this remake of a 1973 made-for-television creature feature chiller. Katie Holmes meets Guy Pearce, and moves in with him and his little girl into an isolated gothic mansion, where hungry voices from the basement that only the little girl can hear - and no one will believe - want her to free them, setting off all kinds of frights in the night.

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