Monday, 18 April 2011

randomness : april

When you're interested in something, and you're really focused on it, you see it everywhere, so I should've expected to come across something like the story that Lady Ga-Ga thinks she's guided by the ghost of Alexander McQueen. Moving along, my new favourite thing on Found Objects: The Witchmobile, an "anti-occult" van dreamt up by an evangelist in early 70s California. Also still mesmerised by photographs of Beautifully Eerie Abandoned Hospitals. I'm not so sure about David Tennant taking over Roddy McDowell's role in the forthcoming remake of Fright Night (out autumn 2011), particularly now the character's a heavy metal-styled illusionist rather than a friendly late night TV host, but we'll see. Enjoying the backlog of custom soundtracks at the Cottage Of Electric Hell, particularly for the Weird Tales For Winter. Likewise reading about the terror of tiny Marc Bolan on his tv show Marc at Unmann-Wittering's new blog, Island Of Terror, and the pure hauntology of The Hauntological Society. I'm having some "is it just me, or is there lots of more of this kind of thing around?" moments, and whether that's back to seeing signs of what you're looking for everywhere or real, I don't know, but decided it's a good thing. Whether I'll go and see Doctor Dee, Damon Albarn & Rufus Norris's show about Elizabethan mathematician, sorcerer, alchemist (allegedly) and astrologer John Dee, again I don't know. Might just stick with going to see Dee's black mirror in the British Museum again (permanent display)... when I've caught up on blog posts here ...

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