Monday, 18 April 2011

the king & the minotaur (a labyrinth gallery)

The King & Minotaur (until 30 April at the Labyrinth Gallery, The Courtyard, 7 St Pancras Way) plays with the idea of London's labyrinth myths, with sculptures, sound, film, dance and a pop-up cocktail bar on a weaving art installation trail within a 1850s barn. It's not on the grand scale of Jorge Luis Borges (who called London a labyrinth) or Iain Sinclair (whose visions of London's labyrinth myths travel back to the city's founding) but then those labyrinths are easy pickings in the city, whether walking around, or imagining, in the layers of history that keep being built upon but which never disappear, the gory histories in dark corners, the dark/light dream/nightmares of fiction and news, the ghosts of the underground, and all the rest.

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