Monday, 7 March 2011

strange attractor salon & nathaniel mellors at the ICA

Mark Pilkington's wondrous otherworld of culture, myth, magic and more explorations, the Strange Attractor Salon, teams up with Nathaniel Mellors for a series of talks and films from this week to go with Mellors exhibition, all at the ICA. Films include The Bed Sitting Room, The Manster (pictured), The Island Of Dr Moreau, Zardov, with talks by the likes of Eleanor Morgan on mythic and real meshes of humans and spiders and Mark Blacklock on Victorian Britain's revelatory discovery of multi-dimensional realities. The series begins this Thursday (10 Mar) with Stephen Grasso talking about African magic-religious traditions and their influence on music, and a screening of The Little Richard Story for afters. What, no Roy Castle stealing the sound of the voodoo for his mid 60s jazz band in Dr Terrors House Of Horrors?

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