Monday, 7 March 2011

in search of ... with leonard nimoy

What could be better on mid-70s television than Star Trek's Mr Spock hosting a "documentary" series investigating the paranormal? Rod Serling was meant to be the host, but when Mr Twilight Zone died, Nimoy proved to be an apt replacement, not least with his similar doom-laden intonation. Running for six series, from 1976 to 1982, and more than overdue for DVD boxset release, highlights that keep the show in heavy rotation on the History Channel include the "ancient ghosts" of England that are "the scariest spirits of all", the real story of Dracula, Mayan Mysteries, spirit voices, voodoo and Stonehenge as the source of a mysterious power that keeps Britain in a magnetic force field.


  1. Do the samples in Boards of Canada's "Dandylion" come from this show?

  2. Hello there, no, that's Leslie Nielsen - I think I remember reading it was from a National Geographic documentary. I love that track though.