Friday, 18 February 2011

randomness (vision on)

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by the amount that I keep finding that I want to cover here, but in a good way. I'll put it down to it being a full (wolf, storm, candles and hunger) moon, and the middle of all the solar storms that mean you might not have to travel to the far north to see the northern lights

Wanderlust-inducing distractions courtesy of BBC documentaries add further fuel. Neil Oliver's A History Of Ancient Britain is compulsive viewing so far, particularly on stone age drawings hidden away in caves near Sheffield, drawn more likely for gods and spirits than humans and Avebury's West Kennet Long Barrow, dramatically described as where the dead were laid out not as individuals, but as a collective presence that visitors could commune with - the ancestors. He also explored the megaliths of Carnac in Brittany, which would be great to visit, though I'm still hankering to get a hint of the mysterious powers of Tintern Abbey in Wales that got to Wordsworth. More likely, I'll think of the video of The Flirtations doing Nothing But A Heartache (filmed there in 1967), or the 60s psych band. Supernatural stone-masonry of leering devils and the damned ("the medieval equivalent of the horror movie"?), as well as the mysteries of the 12th-century Kilpeck Church in Herefordshire and its fantastical carvings (and visiting dowsers) got a good spot on Romancing The Stone: The Golden Ages Of British Sculpture - plenty of great close-ups of pagan-like mythic creations, including the sheela-na-gig corbel. 

Also happily being drawn into the stealthy spooking of ITV's haunted house drama, Marchlands (though Paul Whitehouse as a ghost in the Aviva life insurance ad was a surprise). But what I really want is a Lego haunted house.

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