Friday, 18 February 2011

randomness (I can also read)

The Guardian adds honouring the dead and gaining magical powers to the story of the Cheddar cave-dwellers and their skull cupsJoe Moran's fine blog also always has a good 'mundane quote of the day' - liked being reminded of Susan Stewart on the suburbs "consumed by its past and its future. Hence the two foci of the suburbs: the nostalgic and the technological." 'Ruin porn' photos of abandoned Detroit houses create arty but rotten photojournalism, or maybe they just reflect our desperate desire to have our world re-enchanted

The programme for The Folklore Society Childlore Conference in April includes papers on Children's Encounters With The Souls Of The Dead In Lithuanian Folklore, Children And The Evil Eye In The British Isles and The Manson Girl In Mad Men's Paratext: Online Imaginings Of Sally Draper's Future. I'm there. No, really. 

Before then, it's a good time to see Don't Look Now, which just topped a Time Out magazine poll of 100 Best British films. A weekend bookended by that and Roger Corman's 1964 hallucinogenic colour-feast, Masque Of The Red Death (which Nicolas Roeg worked on) at the BFI in March should do the trick. And listen in to Atomic Bark's new radio show on, which delves into sci-fi, fantasy, horror and alternative culture every Thursday. 

Amazing spectral theatrics meantime in a Japanese theatre show where a swordfighter battles the shadows that hang around us (via neatorama).

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