Sunday, 9 January 2011

the witching hour: darkness and the architectural uncanny

Abandon In Place by David Rowan
Plenty to look forward to this year including, hopefully, an intriguing London art show later this month. With a title like The Witching Hour: Darkness And The Architectural Uncanny, this exhibition might need a suitably hauntology ipod soundtrack, especially when, among the international names featured like Richard Billingham and Ged Quinn, there's also work by artists from the West Midlands (home of Jim Jupp's Ghostbox label) such as David Rowan (whose own work, pictured, explores the broken dreams of modern architecture and urban mythologies) and Sally Payen. Eerie suburban views, dreamlike explorations of the subconscious and spectral industrial gasholders are among the tantalising promises of a show about the way architecture can intimidate, grandly set in the John Soane-designed Georgian surroundings of the PM Gallery. If you can't make it in person, the Independent has a handy virtual gallery of some of the images set to be on show.

PM Gallery, W5, 21 Jan to 12 Mar

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