Monday, 10 January 2011

randomness : january

I don't know what's been more odd, dead birds (and fish) falling from the sky (or dead devil crabs washing up on a beach in Kent - it's the "devil crabs" bit that really catches the headline eye) on New Year's Eve, or Andrew Marr introducing his Sunday morning BBC TV show with news of the Romanian witches throwing hexes on the government because they're now being taxed (obligatory entertaining audience-grabber, but still a surprising combination), or discovering the spaced-out world of metaphysical artist (and former Salvador Dali buddy and 60s mod model) Jon Stevens, who paints people silver as a kind of, well, alchemical statement of immortality (above, YouTube footage of Salvador Dali and the Silver People in 1975). Actually, I think the oddest was definitely the Silver People.

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