Tuesday, 18 January 2011

dance of the dead : marie-gabrielle rotie's mythic

Choreographer, dancer and butoh proselytizer Marie-Gabrielle Rotie makes mesmerising use of the supernatural to explore fear, memory and death in her dance works. I'm a little bit contemporary dance-phobic, but the montage footage of her latest piece, Mythic, which is still touring, makes me want to see it live, or at least buy the DVD. Rotie's previous production, Black Mirror, drew on the silent classic Nosferatu and vampiric imagery, but Mythic provides an arguably more natural entwining of inspirations. Victorian photography of spiritualist mediums mesh with ideas about spirits, transmutation and transformation from the subversive postwar Japanese dance form known as butoh in sequences that bring alive the sense of something other than Rotie controlling the dancer. A discordant, echoing and resonant experimental soundtrack and aptly dim and moody lighting provide a suitably atmospheric frame.

Rich Mix, E1, 22 Jan; Goldsmiths University, SE14, 19th March, or you can buy a DVD of Mythic for £20 (see Rotie Productions for contact details)

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