Tuesday, 21 December 2010

(yet more) randomness : December

  • Jasmina Tešanovic visits the 30s sci-fi like setting of the Temple of Dawn in Brazil, where native American spirits, Jesus, Tutankhamen and UFOs alike are worshipped in strange lengthy rituals and ghostlike imagery.
  • A celebration of 80s paranormal teen comedies.
  • See the aftermath of an apocalypse in Lori Nix's clever photographs of dioramas that are eerily realistic.
  • Wiltshire Heritage Museum's White Horses And Hill Figures exhibition is now on until 27 February, with yet more art and ephemera added to be mystically intrigued by the folklore of chalk figures and horses. Hopefully some reference to The Moon Stallion in there.
  • Christmas cards that put the fear into festive (stock up for next year), suitably, from the Bat Conservation Trust.

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