Thursday, 16 December 2010

vintage hypnosis machine

There are things you want and, sometimes, there are things you really, really need. Truth to tell, your friends, relatives or party guests probably wouldn't thank you if you tried "Dr Hietrick's Vertigo Therapy", with its "Bi-Directional Metal Disc" on them, but the rotating hypnosis disc machine is a very covetable bad toy. For me, it's an instant throwback to seeing John Waters use one as the quack psychiatrist in the original Hairspray film, and any number of 60s films or TV shows using psychedelic op art props. I'd even bet that if they'd been invented in the 19th century mesmerism fan Charles Dickens would've had one. Yup, Dickens was hip. Yours, for only $1685 (no, I don't imagine they do crop up that often) from Modern 50.

1 comment:

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