Sunday, 19 December 2010

the singing ringing tree, lancashire

The Singing Ringing Tree, Crown Point, Burnley, Lancashire

(originally uploaded by Pigalle)
If you're going to attract tourists to an outdoor sculpture in the middle of the Lancashire countryside, then calling it after a cult weird favourite children's TV show from the 60s about a magic tree (with a strange dwarf and people who turn into bears) is a pretty smart, nostalgia-evoking way to do it. The Tonkin-Liu designed Singing-Ringing Tree is a musical sculpture that sits high up on Crown Point near Burnley. Like its TV equivalent, it's eerie and otherworldly, a metallic monument shaped like a bent tree and producing a range of unearthly humming as the wind whistles through its dozens of hollow pipes. Fittingly, it looks out towards Pendle Hill, famous for the Pendle Witches persecuted during the witch trials of the 1600s (best boned up on in Joyce Froome's book Wicked Enchantments), and home to another of Lancashire's panopticons, the alien pod-like Atom in nearby Wycoller Park.

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