Monday, 20 December 2010


Going, Going, Gone (originally uploaded by makelessnoise)

Tonight (if you're in North America) or tomorrow morning (in the UK and other parts of Europe) is the first lunar eclipse on winter solstice since 1638, which should look as magical as makelessnoise's composite (above). Shakespeare, Mark Twain and the adventures of TinTin all had memorable eclipses but cultural myths around the world are still the best reading fodder for the imagination in the run up, explaining the eclipse as the moon being eaten by animals (the best - jaguars in Mayan folklore; the strangest - three-toed frogs in China) or demons. Hope for clear morning skies (the action begins in the UK around 6.30am and peaks at 7.40am with the total eclipse), enjoy the strange shades as the moon turns dusty yellow, grey, blushing or blood red, and if you're taking astrology portents on board, look out - solstice and eclipse combined means double opportunities and double likelihood of big changes. Just don't freak out about the whole celestial omen thing. Think Tahiti style (eclipses being the time when the sun and moon get it on) and play some Barry White (no, not Bonnie Tyler ...).

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