Wednesday, 6 October 2010

portraits of mr price (a further instalment ...)

Bluewater Productions resurrected the king of macabre as the host and star of their monthly Vincent Price Presents... comics in time for Halloween 2008. 

It's now up to issue 24; a feast of illustrated adaptations of Vincent films including The Pit And The Pendulum and the demonic wonder that was Dr Phibes, as well as intriguing new stories full of gothic mansions, twisted scientific experiments and surreal manifestations. 

In time for Halloween 2010, Bluewater are bringing out an omnibus book edition of the comics (out this Friday). 

Vincent Price Presents... also features original artwork by Jim McDermott - look out for his spectral rendering of the famous picture of Vincent holding the bulging-eyed prop head of Peter Lorre, Hamlet-style.

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