Sunday, 31 October 2010

the mysterious unknown by robert charroux

Robert Charroux (the pen-name of Robert Grugeau) was a former postman and sci-fi writer who made a bundle on writing several non-fiction books, starting with The Mysterious Unknown, in the last decade of his life. 

Erich Von Daniken was said to have been influenced heavily by Charroux's work, and both took a big chunk out of Pauwels and Bergier's seminal, occult revival relaunching 1960 work The Morning Of The Magicians. 

Charroux, like many others, also milked this money-spinning goat to the hilt throughout the 70s, introducing "new knowledge" about ancient astronauts and their lessons for us in further tantalising titles like Forgotten Worlds: Scientific Secrets And Their Warning For Our Time, Legacy Of The Gods and Masters Of The World: Groundbreaking New Revelations About The Ancient Astronauts.

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