Friday, 8 October 2010

the london nobody knows

It would take a lot, when it comes to seeing The London That Nobody Knows cinematically, to match Travis Elborough's London Transport Museum screening (along with the 1955 portrait of a night in a Wood Green rhythm and blues club, Momma Don't Allow), as part of a London Transport Museum season of late night openings a couple of years ago. But while the former hidden gem, now cult favourite beloved by St Etienne's Bob Stanley among others, is now freely available on DVD, seeing it on the big screen is a rare treat. 

London's ICA are doing one of the periodic screenings of both The London That Nobody Knows and Momma Don't Allow from today until next Wednesday, as part of the Story Of London festival. It's certainly a more understandable pairing than the DVD coupling of The London That Nobody Knows with the odd 1968 musical wonder Les Bicyclette De Belsize and, like the BFI Flipside offerings of Primitive London, gets you a little closer to stepping back in time to London's ever-present past.

If you want to see the gritty, mondo trasho seeds of The London Nobody Knows, watch fellow Flipside DVD release London In The Raw (left) - a guide to the underbelly of swinging London, seedy Soho bars, leering middle-aged men, rough-looking strippers and all.

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