Tuesday, 26 October 2010

hauntology, californian-style

Berkeley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive hosts a pre-Halloween Hauntology gathering this Friday to go with their ongoing Hauntology exhibition. Like the exhibition, which has works by artists including Diane Arbus, Paul Schiek, Arnold Kemp and Luc Tuymans, this hauntological gathering uses the spectre of Derrida to explore ideas from the elusive and disappeared to the transitory or displaced, with "spectral sounds", an aural/visual installation, films including a screening of Silent Snow, Secret Snow (see below), an adaptation of Conrad Aiken's eerie 1934 story by Gene Kearney (later a writer on Rod Serling's Night Gallery series), a ghostly procession and an early evening discussion about hauntology and art, literature, collecting and contemporary American politics and culture. 


  1. Fascinating--but shouldn't that be California-style, not LA-style, since Berkeley is nowhere near Los Angeles?

  2. That'll teach me for thinking no one's looking. Thank you, and now amended, of course.