Monday, 4 October 2010

flipside's mysterious britain night

Hauntology/paranormal geek-friendly screenings at the BFI on Friday 29 October open this year's Flipside Halloween celebration of the cinematically weird and wonderfully obscure. Mysterious Britain is the theme, so it should be no surprise that it includes footage of both Arthur C Clarke and John Betjeman on stone circles. I've written about Betjeman's Avebury film, but I've only seen it on a small screen. Cinemascope megaliths should be suitably strange. Other promised treasures on the night include a 60s documentary on witchcraft in Norfolk, a 1970 report on the Highgate Vampire and a dramatisation of a hypnosis session about a grave's secret by Penda's Fen scriptwriter David Rudkin.

All of which reminded me of the Reverend Stewart Lamont, a friend of a friend's family I met several times as a teenager and a minister and parapsychologist who told truly amazing tales of poltergeists, past-life regression and telekenesis. The reverend explored the paranormal in a BBC Scotland series in the early 70s called Is Anybody There?, but I've never seen it. One to dig up (somehow).

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