Sunday, 31 October 2010

chislehurst caves

Last call for tours of the labyrinth of Chislehurst Caves before Halloween night sets in. The last ghost tour might have gone, but daytime tours still descend into inky blackness and claustraphobic silence, exploring 20 miles of warren-like tunnels over 8,000 years old. 

With a history that includes druidic rituals, Saxons, Romans, Civil War soldiers, mushroom-farmers, those seeking shelter from the second world war blitz and also use in the 60s as an alternative gig venue for the likes of Jimi Hendrix and the Animals, there's more than a few ghosts around.

The aim of the "The Challenge" was to see if anyone, despite the ghost stories, could spend a night in the caves, with £5 as reward. No one claimed the fiver, and the last time it took place in 1985, it ended with one of the challengers running to find his partner wild-eyed and screaming, with the reason why apparently captured on tape. Nowadays, the scariest part might be seeing the historical waxworks. I couldn't even take pictures of the child waxworks last Halloween.

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