Wednesday, 18 August 2010

there are many of us ...

I don't mind being shrimp next to the already Moby-Dick behemoth that is Found Objects, 'a hauntological dumping ground', particularly since it's led by k-punk (aka writer, scholar and major hauntology man Mark Fisher). I just should've seen it before. Doh. It's a fantastic collaborative venture. Go see. While I'm directing you elsewhere, see Love Train For The Tenebrous Empire and revel in lots of spooky, creepy and lurid film tips (thanks to Doug Campbell) and Ghost Watching channel on YouTube (thanks to Will Kane). A feast of supernatural viewing. I'm a big fan of Stan The Man's YouTube channel too - Vincent Price films, early 70s American ghost story series and particularly The Mind Beyond (BBC supernatural drama series from 1976 in the same league as The Stone Tape and Children Of The Stones) among the watchables.

Onward ho...

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