Thursday, 19 August 2010

strange attractor at the last tuesday society

Mark Pilkington follows up his Strange Attractor salon, which journeyed across magic and art, myth and music, occult fiction, horror rock and more in January at Viktor Wynd's Little Shoppe Of Horrors, The Last Tuesday Society base in Hackney, with an autumn/winter season of events there. The line-up includes talks on Haitian voodoo, madness in animals, women of the Golden Dawn and Phil Baker on his new biography about the curious life of artist, sorcerer and all-round London character Austin Osman Spare. Baker's Fortean London piece on Spare several years ago is a neat primer. And Viktor Wynd's is worth a visit alone (or with a friend...) for the enjoyment of Victorian-style curiosities and fringe culture oddities.

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