Friday, 13 August 2010

orson welles & the witch doctor club

Sometimes a brief mention of something can spark a mini obsessive hunt. This time the mention of Orson Welles and the Witch Doctor Club in Jonathan Ross's recent interview in the Guardian with Jim Steranko. I'm not tossing and turning at night, but it's been nagging. All the more so since Google isn't doing the usual 100,000 pages of info when I put in the search. All I know is pretty much what it says in the interview. It was a magic club, of sorts, in New York, called the Witch Doctor Club, and Orson Welles was involved with it. Welles came up with the voodoo Macbeth in the 30s, and it just suits Welles to be involved in something like this. But where was it? Was it like the Zodiac nightclub in the James Stewart, Jack Lemmon and Kim Novak 50s film gem Bell, Book & Candle? Were there bongos? Or was it just a gentleman's secret club for those in the know to go for boozing and carousing?

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  1. Hello there,
    Discovered this post while searching about Steranko and Welles.

    Thought you might be interested to know that Jim Steranko recently joined Twitter and told a tale about the club. In short, it was an exclusive club, joined only by members who had to be both a magician and a published writer.

    Here's a link to the entire story, combined from many tweets.